In terms of design, our designers are regularly sent on training programs. The most recent course was taught by Mr. Gian Pietro Papa, shoe stylist designer from Il Pavone S.A.S., Italy. The course is aimed to provide Shoes Designers and with the knowledge of the different kinds of materials and the rudimental notions of anatomy.

         To gain a deep knowledge in the field of the planning of Lines and Shape, our designers receive a starting background above fundamental themes such as: classical, sportive, elegant and vanguard styles and later on focused on Shoe Fashion new trends, on the materials used, on the patterns of shoe.

Publishing House:

Our shoes have been published in ARS SUTORIA Footwear Magazine which is one of the most important magazines all over the world related to the leather trade. The publishing house is devoted to fashion research and therefore stimulating the creativity in leather fashion. Moreover, we were recently published in the local ‘Leather in Brand’ Magazine which is published to promote the Thailand Brand and is part of the Country Image Project

     Not only do we have our own well-trained in-house designer but also employed Italian designers from various footwear designer companies whom we purchase our up-to-date designs from. Some of them are Goretti Studio and Luciano Partelli.
Luciano Partelli Website
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